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Pharmacy-one.org is a Blog from the UK that specialises in products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many men are too embarrassed or ashamed to approach a high street chemist for help, we have informations about all ED products.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability or difficulty to acquire and maintain an erection. There are several reasons for the condition – also referred to as impotence – and it usually precludes the sufferer from the enjoyment of sexual intercourse with their partner.

Despite the embarrassment and shame many sufferers experience, erectile dysfunction is surprisingly common. However, it usually afflicts older men, between the ages of 40 and 70. Root causes of the condition can be both mental or physical, and medication is often seen as a temporary measure whilst the underlying causes are dealt with. Amongst the physical causes of erectile dysfunction are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, physical injury and hormonal problems. Psychological problems that lead to impotence include depression, anxiety and relationship problems. As many of these problems take time to overcome, medication from an online pharmacy in the UK is often seen as a way to allow suffers to enjoy a normal sex life in the meantime.

Where to Go for Advice

The first place to seek advice should be from a doctor. Some medications for erectile dysfunction should not be taken with certain conditions or other prescription drugs, so it is always best to get professional advice before starting on a course of treatment.

Treatment will usually be directed towards addressing underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle changes, counselling and surgery are often required. However, where such treatments have failed, or when recovery is some way off, specialist treatments from an online pharmacy in the UK may be the best course of action.

Vacuum pumps that encourage the flow of blood to the penis have had some promising results, but the latest drug treatments – including Viagra – have been able to help around two thirds of men suffering with the affliction. Four treatments in particular are proving very effective, and they are all available from this leading online pharmacy in the UK.

Viagra Pharmacy UK

Viagra is the trade name for Sildenafil. There are several brands currently on the market, but they all work by enhancing erectile response to arousal. It is important to remember that they don’t bring on arousal itself, however. Viagra facilitates the smooth flow of blood into the penis, but the user must be aroused for this to happen. The drug will take around an hour to become effective, and it will work for between four and six hours. However, it has been known to lower blood pressure, but this will not cause any problem for the majority of users.

Cialis Pharmacy UK

Also referred to as Tadalafil, Cialis works in a similar way to Viagra; it helps the flow of blood to the penis during phases of arousal. In a small number of cases, Cialis won’t work, and it can lower blood pressures when taken in conjunction with nitrates. Anyone suffering with heart problems or low blood pressure should consult a doctor before buying Cialis from an online pharmacy in the UK. However, one of the main benefits of taking Cialis over Viagra is that its effects can last up to 36 hours, so fewer doses are required.

Levitra Pharmacy UK

Also called Vardenafil, Levitra treats male impotence in the same way as Viagra and Cialis. It will only help a man to achieve an erection if he is sexually aroused. One of Levitra’s main benefits is that it takes less time to become effective than other erectile dysfunction medication. Like any medication, guidance from a doctor should be sought before buying Levitra from an online pharmacy in the UK. The best dosage for a particular person will be dictated by weight, medical history and several other factors specific to the user.

Kamagra Pharmacy UK

Kamagra contains Sildenafil, and it performs exactly the same function as Viagra. Doses are usually 100mg tablets, and they will usually take around 30 minutes to become effective. The effects of Kamagra will generally last for around four hours, but like all other medications for erectile dysfunction, the user must be sexually aroused for Kamagra to work.

Buying erectile dysfunction medication from a respected online pharmacy in the UK will ensure you are getting quality and legitimate products from some of the world’s leading brands. Impotence can have a range of effects on a person’s life, including depression, stress and relationship problems. And because these side-effects of erectile dysfunction are often the causes, it is easy for people to get caught in a cycle of stress and feelings of low self-worth. However, the range of impotence drugs from an online pharmacy in the UK will give many sufferers back their confidence and dignity.