Buy Levitra UK

brand_levitraErectile dysfunction is more common than many men believe. However, that is no consolation when it affects a person’s relationship. In many cases, a sufferer sees the issue as a personal failure, and that can mean they avoid any sort of sexual contact altogether. The consequences can be devastating on a relationship, and the problem has been known to be the cause of break-ups. Thankfully, around two thirds of men can now be helped by the decision to buy Levitra in the UK. Levitra works in a similar way to Viagra, and it has the potential to transform lives.

The biggest obstacle men face in the treatment of impotence is their own pride. Because they see the problem as their fault, they are ashamed and embarrassed to seek help. However, the ability to buy Levitra in the UK online now means men can seek help with complete anonymity. Despite the relative safety and availability of the drug, users should still seek medical advice before deciding to buy Levitra UK. There are a number of myths surrounding Levitra and other impotence medications, but having the facts will allow men to make the right decision for their own personal circumstances.

What is Levitra?

Before making the decision to buy Levitra in the UK, users should be aware of the drug’s function, as it won’t work for around one third of men. The main active ingredient in Levitra is vardenafil, which is a known phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

The body produces a chemical called nitric oxide, and it is this substance that promotes the free flow of blood to the pelvic region by opening up arteries. So, a man’s arousal triggers production of the substance in greater amounts, and that aids the development of an erection by clearing the way for the steady flow of blood to that area of the body.

However, the body also releases an enzyme to counteract nitric oxide called phosphodiesterase. This halts the production of nitric oxide and allows an erection to subside. If the body did not produce this substance, a man could have a permanent erection when aroused.

Levitra contains a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, and it allows nitric oxide to be secreted in the body without hindrance. This process then creates the perfect physiological conditions for the free flow of blood through the arteries – ultimately improving the chances of a successful erection.

Vardenafil is only effective where erectile dysfunction has resulted because of physiological problems, however. Those suffering with impotence due to mental factors probably won’t be helped by the decision to buy Levitra in the UK. It is important to remember that Levitra or any other phosphodiesterase inhibitor on the market will not bring about arousal in a man. The user must already be turned on in order to develop an erection.

Who can buy Levitra in the UK?

After extensive clinical trials, the use of Levitra has been declared safe for the majority of users. However, there is a significant minority of men for whom this drug could pose a risk. Anyone taking a nitrate drug for a heart condition, for instance, should not take Levitra, as it can lead to a sudden loss of blood pressure – resulting in stroke or cardiac arrest.

A very small minority of users will find that they are allergic to Levitra, and they should be vigilant to the signs of a reaction during use. If the user experiences dizziness, or numbness and pain in the limbs, chest, neck or jaw, medical advice should be sought immediately. Similarly, if an erection lasts longer than four hours or becomes painful, the user should seek attention from a doctor.

There are a number of other conditions which preclude people from taking Levitra, and they include liver disease, kidney disease, stomach ulcers and diabetes. A full list of these conditions will be available from a doctor, or it will be included within the literature that accompanies genuine Levitra. In some rare cases, Levitra can also interrupt the flow of blood to the optical nerve, causing a sudden loss of vision. Anyone who decides to buy Levitra in the UK should refrain from eating grapefruit whilst taking the drug, as the two substances can cause an adverse reaction in some users.

How to take Levitra

The decision to buy Levitra in the UK should always be made after seeking medical advice, but users should also be careful to follow the dosage instructions at all times. The drug should never be taken in larger or smaller amounts than prescribed by a physician or the manufacturer’s dosage guidelines.

How quickly Levitra takes effect will be determined by a number of factors, including the recommended dose and the physiology of the specific user. However, for the best results, users should take a dose around 60 minutes before intercourse. The effects of the drug can last for up to four hours, but users should never take more than one dose of the drug in any 24-hour period.

Under no circumstances should Levitra be taken alongside other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. There are also a number of prescription medications that preclude some people from taking the drug, and anyone taking regular prescription medication of any description should seek advice from a doctor before making the decision to buy Levitra UK.

Is Levitra different to Viagra?

The main active ingredients in Levitra and Viagra are different, but they are both phosphodiesterase inhibitors – designed to aid the unrestricted production of nitric oxide in the body. However, they do this in slightly different ways. Generally speaking, Levitra (vardenafil) is quicker to act in most men than Viagra (sildenafil). There are also some studies that suggest the risk of vision impairment is less with Levitra.

Although it may seem like there are risks associated with the decision to buy Levitra UK online, there are risks and potential side-effects linked to all major prescription medications. The vast majority of men will be able to use Levitra safely if the dosage instructions are followed correctly. The potential benefits of using Levitra greatly outweigh the small risk of adverse reactions.

Erectile dysfunction has the potential to leave a man feeling emasculated and a relationship in tatters. However, your decision to buy Levitra in the UK could breathe new life into both your confidence and your sex life.