Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is an extremely common sexual health problem for men. It affects more than two million men in the UK and perhaps 1 in 10 will experience symptoms at some point in their lives. ED is not just restricted to older men but can be experienced by anyone at any time of life. The condition can be extremely stressful to men, contributing to relationship difficulties, loss of self esteem and negatively impacting general mental health. Thankfully there is a choice of effective erectile dysfunction treatment. Some men benefit from counselling or therapy and many are successfully treated by proven drugs forerectile dysfunction treatment such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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    Millions of men were given hope of a normal and healthy sex life back in 1998 when Viagra first became widely available. The problem of erectile dysfunction had been around for centuries, but it was Pfizer's wonder drug that revolutionised the way male impotence was treated. And while Viagra is not considered a long-term solution [...]
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    Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is a sometimes embarrassing condition that will likely affect all men at some point in their lives. Impotence refers to when man has problems either achieving or maintaining an erection for long enough to have sexual intercourse. This happens when not enough blood is able to flow to the [...]
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    Erectile dysfunction is more common than many men believe. However, that is no consolation when it affects a person's relationship. In many cases, a sufferer sees the issue as a personal failure, and that can mean they avoid any sort of sexual contact altogether. The consequences can be devastating on a relationship, and the problem [...]
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    What is generic Viagra? Generic Viagra is similar to the branded version of Viagra in that it contains the active ingredient Sildenafil. This is a drug used specifically in various treatments to tackle male sexual problems. These can include erectile dysfunction, lack of sensitivity in the genital area and failure to achieve orgasm or sexual [...]
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    Cialis is a discreet treatment for erectile dysfunction that is rapidly becoming a market leader for male sexual problems. Proven in clinical trials and laboratory tests to be a long lasting and demonstrably effective treatment for the vast majority of customers, the treatment is amongst the best ways to approach this problem. In order to [...]
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    Generic Levitra is a relatively new product on the pharmaceutical market which can relive men of any worries when confronted with the possibility of sexual intercourse. Due to factors such as stress, anxiety and numerous other pressures associated with everyday responsibilities including work, impotence can plague the lives of men of all ages. This embarrassing problem [...]
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    Viagra soft tabs in the UK are becoming increasingly popular with men suffering from erectile dysfunction due to their fast-acting benefits. Since 1998, Viagra has been transforming lives - giving men back their dignity and helping relationships to overcome the significant problem of impotence. The problem has always been an embarrassing one for many men, [...]
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    What is Cialis? Cialis is a tablet form of oral treatment for the potentially distressing condition of erectile dysfunction. Making use of the active chemical ingredient Tadalafil, Cialis is an easy and effective method of dealing with the widespread problem of male impotence. This upsetting problem is most evident in affecting sufferers' ability to achieve [...]
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    Viagra has long been the world's leading prescription drug for erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact it has been prescribed to more than 20 million men since its launch in the USA in 1998. It can be extremely expensive to develop a new drug and in some cases costs can soar to £1 billion. Governments recognise [...]
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    Treatments for erectile dysfunction are widely known through brand names such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Many people assume, wrongly, that these names refer to the drugs themselves. In fact they are brand names. We are less familiar with the names of the drugs, or active ingredients themselves. In many cases, where a pharmaceutical company [...]
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    About Kamagra Oral Jelly Erectile dysfunction is very common among elderly men, and also men who suffer with diabetes or who are heavy smokers. As a quality, discrete alternative to Viagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mgis a popular treatment for men who suffer with erectile dysfunction, helping to maintain an erection. The jelly works by widening [...]
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    Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual health problem experienced by men of all ages. Simply put, impotence is the ineptitude to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. It is most common in middle aged and older men, however this embarrassing situation can be experienced by men falling into younger age categories as well. [...]
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    Erectile dysfunction is the most common of sexual health issues experienced by men. Although this embarrassing problem generally concerns men falling into older age groups, impotence can affect men from younger generations too. Statistics have actually shown that roughly ten percent of all males will suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. [...]
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    The medical world has had a lot of success in recent years in dealing with male sexual health issues. Much of this progress has been focused on erectile dysfunction (ED) and drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have transformed the lives of many men. There is another problem in this area, however, that is even [...]
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    Impotence is the most common problem suffered by men with sexual health issues. Although this embarrassing condition is generally suffered by middle aged and older men due to physical symptoms, erectile dysfunction can also be experienced by men falling into younger age groups. The main causes of impotence in older men mostly include factors such [...]
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    Targeting Sexual Problems With Kamagra Soft Tabs UK Amongst the most distressing and problematic health experiences that a man can undergo in his life is a purely sexual imbalance such as erectile dysfunction. This confidence affecting condition can affect every area of the sufferer's life outside and, specifically inside, the bedroom. The problem can lead [...]

Using Viagra as your erectile dysfunction treatment

Viagra is perhaps the best known and most widely prescribed erectile dysfunction treatment. It has been used by more than 20 million men all over the world and has been clinically proven to address erectile dysfunction in a variety of circumstances. It has an excellent track record in helping men who often struggle to achieve an erection when sexually aroused and also those who lose their erection during intercourse. Many men find it easy and convenient to incorporate Viagra into their sex lives. A single Viagra pill will begin to be effective just 30 minutes after being taken. This early onset allows for a more spontaneous approach to sex. Although it begins to work early, the pill remains active for four to five hours, allowing for a flexible and relaxed timing of intercourse. Men needn’t worry about having an inconvenient erection for this entire period. Instead, the penis will become flaccid again after ejaculation and will only become erect again if you should become aroused within the four to five hour active timeframe.

Viagra works as an erectile dysfunction treatment by using the active ingredient, sildenafil. This chemical acts to relax and widen the arteries in the penis. This lets more blood flow into the penis and with less flowing out an erection is produced. Viagra comes in three doses: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The lowest, 25mg, dosage is usually prescribed for those over 65 or suffering from certain medical conditions. Your online doctor can advise on the dosage that is right for you.


Viagra is not the only erectile dysfunction treatment available, of course, and Cialis provides an alternative. It is an extremely effective treatment and has been shown in a scientific study to improve erections in 88% of men. Results like these have led to increased demand and more Cialis being prescribed by doctors. This may lead it to overtake Viagra as the market leader in erectile dysfunction treatment. One of the attractions of Cialis is its long-lasting effects. The drug remains active in the body for up to 36 hours, meaning that men can take it discreetly many hours before sex is likely. This makes it the longest-lasting treatment available. It is also fast acting and normally begins to take effect less than 30 minutes after taking the pill. It improves blood flow to the penis and thus makes it a lot easier to achieve and maintain a firmer erection. The long-lasting effective period has led some men to misunderstand the effects of Cialis, believing that they will have to deal with an erection for 36 hours. This is not the case. Cialis is much more targeted than that and will only work when you become aroused. After sex, the effects will stop and your penis will return to its normal state. Should you become aroused again within 36 hours, Cialis will again help you achieve and maintain better erections.

Cialis doses start at 10mg and can be increased to 20mg for better results in men who display tolerance to the drug. The medicine also comes in smaller doses of 2.5mg and 5mg as a daily treatment. This is ideal for men who want to have regular sex and is known as Cialis Once A Day.

Levitra erectile dysfunction treatment for specific groups

Levitra vardenafil has extended proven and effective erectile dysfunction treatment to men for whom other drugs are not appropriate. In clinical studies it has been shown to be a safer treatment, for example, for men who have diabetes. It is also suitable for those who have raised cholesterol or high blood pressure. Men over 50 years of age also experience better results from Levitra. Using Levitra is simple, with men just needing to take a single pill between 15 and 30 minutes before sex. Effects last for up to five hours.

Levitra works by counteracting the body’s natural enzymes that restrict blood flowing into the penis, preventing it becoming erect. This action causes the penis muscles to relax and allow more blood to flow in, thus resulting in a firmer erection. Levitra is often used as a treatment for those for whom Viagra has proved unsuccessful. It has achieved positive results in over 50% of such cases. The treatment will only work if the user can become sexually aroused. Without that state of stimulation, the drug’s effects will not be apparent. Levitra is also available as a dissolvable tablet. The tablet simply dissolves on the tongue with a pleasant minty flavour. This dissolving action allows the active ingredient to enter the blood stream more rapidly than is the case for hard tablets and users can experience the effects even more quickly. With no glass of water needed or prior notice required, this makes it an ideal erectile dysfunction treatment for spontaneous sex.

A satisfying sex life can be a major contributor to both physical and mental health and can help deepen and sustain relationships. It is a rewarding part of men’s lives and its absence can cause real stress and anxiety. Thankfully, advances in erectile dysfunction treatment mean that the vast majority of men need no longer suffer form this condition. The range of medicines available offer effective treatments for different types of problems, quickly restoring a normal and satisfying sex life.